Sunday, 22 June 2008

Steps to Starting a Startup...

I've been recording "cool app ideas" since the past 4 years now, and I'm fed up of seeing new startups stealing them one by one by one... Its time to take action!

Baby Step 1 : Flesh out 3 ideas... Alright... at least 1 idea!
Baby Step 2 : Discuss ideas with smart people...
Baby Step 3 : Research, iterate and get a spec ready.
Boy Step 4 : Build a proof of concept (PoC).
Boy Step 5 : Unleash PoC on early adopters (namely friends and family ; ))
Boy Step 6 : Gather feedback and re-evaluate.

Idea still sounds good? Go on to the next step.
Not quite? Start over... (Step 1 is the most fun and requires the least hard work any way!)

BigBoy Step 7 : Get a team of awesome people together.
Man Step 8 : Now it's time to Start Up!

I'm on Baby Step 1.5 right now...

Are you brilliant? Are you Done and Get Things Smart? Are you Super Smart and Get The Right Things Done?
Most importantly, do you have similar motivations to mine for doing a startup?
[Bonus criterion] Do you possess a sense of humor?
Then talk to me, and get started on Baby Step 1 already!


Unknown said...

May be this will help..

Anonymous said...

tereko itna sab baith ke likhneko bore kaise nahi hota yaar ? ms chood, editor ban ja

Pratik Stephen said...

Interesting list of books there...
Thanks for the link!
: )

Anonymous said...

I think startups are first built @ mental level...
According to me ,this is some mental exercise that one should do,these are some small things but it works..
& if you are a passionate killer most of the things come from inside :)

You should first beleive that are gonna start a startup..

Dream daily(obviously a day dreaming :D) about it(yes it keeps you away from other distractions and keeps you attached to what you want to do)

You should be able to dream about people using your "thing" and they are happy about it,you have a website for your company and there is a menu called "Products" on it...

people are writting reviews on your product,they are praising you,they are criticizing you for not giving certain features(there is fun listening to criticism on the things you created,I have experienced it)
People are giving different ideas and suggestions...

make someone your idol.
Listen to their speeches(online vids if possible),read their stories,learn about their failures(you are not the only one who fails)..

Read about various corps.(This is my favourite part) their stories,their revenue and net income(it is highly possible that one day people would talk about you and your company)..

I am sure these things will give you extreme initial boost!