Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Why I wish I did my undergrad at Stanford...!

Stanford is just awesome!
The brilliant people, the entrepreneurial pulse... There's something about the energy there... that's calling shouting out to me!

They have an "Entrepreneurship Week" every year, and the last one was in Feb 08.
They got some seasoned entrepreneurs together to interact with the students, to inspire them, and to share some of their hard earned entrepreneurial wisdom.

They also had "The Stanford Innovation Tournament"...

Your challenge is to create as much value as possible using rubber bands.
You can use as many as you want, of any size, shape, or color. Value can be measured on any scale you choose.
Remember, value comes from actually implementing your ideas and delivering results.
To be successful, challenge assumptions, seize opportunities, be creative, and Make it Happen!

You HAVE to check out the winners!

My favourite is... umm... lets save it for another post...