Tuesday, 8 April 2008

What's in the name?

The amount of time I've spent thinking about the right name for my blog is insane!
But then again, having the right name IS super important!

Ask Mr. Lakshmi Kiran Khadalavda... or Aparshakti... or Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone's kid), and they'll tell you...
(I guess some parents just love being creative more than they love their kids...)
No offense parents/kids! Those are... well... unique names!

Anyways, I love my blog, and I don’t want other blogs to make fun of my blog when my blog becomes big. So I put a good deal of thought into the name.

There are a number of “Naming Guidelines” for websites like keeping it simple, short n easy to spell. These made sense before the google age, when people used to (had to) actually type out the url... Also, back then, every “PerfectName.com” you thought of wasn’t already taken.

Lately though, its all about “NamingGuidelines 2.0” with all the web2.0 fluff...
The name has to be unique, googlable, full of keywords etc.
Also, it positively must look like a 5 year old got the spelling wrong! (So that you have a decent chance of getting “PurrfectName.com”... Which also happens to be cute and hence resonates with customers.)

One interesting thing I noticed is that most of the most popular Web Apps/Sites out there have names that follow the same pattern...
Blogspot etc

They all have two syllables, one stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable.
To have added effect throw in some alliteration... like Google, PayPal, YouTube etc.
These words "sound nice" and tend to roll off the tongue easy.

But then again, that’s all about naming web applications and companies... What about naming a blog?

What should I name my blog!?


Mahesh said...

Dude your last paragraph is repeated twice!!!

Pratik Stephen said...

What you talking about?!
; )
Fixed it...Thanks for the tip...
: )